10+ Super Simple Mason Jar Crafts

10 Super Simple Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason jars are all the rage right now, which kind of cracks me up!  I grew up in West Virginia, so mason jars have always been a part of my life, I guess.  It was no big thing to grab a mason jar instead of a glass for water or iced tea, and the idea of using a mason jar to hold cotton balls in the bathroom was not really an idea…it just happened.  I have to say though, the recent mason jar crafts movement makes me smile!  I love that we are finding new ways to use these inexpensive jars in fun new ways.  Today, I’d love to share 10 Mason Jar Crafts from this little blog that have been posted over the past two years…I just thought putting them all in one spot would make it easier go view them all! Here are 10 Mason Jar Crafts…I’ll be adding more as they are posted!

Simply click on the link or photo to view each project, and don’t forget to pin your favorites to your Pinterest account!

Stenciled Mason Jar Votive HolderStenciled Mason Jar Votive Holder


Frosted Mason Jar Vase with Polka Dots


 Chalky Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jar Valentines

 Mason Jar Valentines


 Mason Jar Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar Shakers 

Stenciled-Mason-Jar-Tumblers-Mom-4-Real (1)

 Stenciled Mason Jar Tumblers

Mason Jar Vases - Painted on the Inside

 Mason Jar Vases – Painted on the Inside

Mason Jar Beach Terrarium

 Mason Jar Beach Terrarium (Contributed by Chelsea from Making Home Base)

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

 Mason Jar Sewing Kit 

Drop Cloth Curtains Hung With Mason Jar Lids

 Dropcloth Curtains Hung With Mason Jar Lids

So, what fun things have you done with mason jars?

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