10+ Super Simple Mason Jar Crafts

10 Super Simple Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason jars are all the rage right now, which kind of cracks me up!  I grew up in West Virginia, so mason jars have always been a part of my life, I guess.  It was no big thing to grab a mason jar instead of a glass for water or iced tea, and the idea of using a mason jar to hold cotton balls in the bathroom was not really an idea…it just happened.  I have to say though, the recent mason jar crafts movement makes me smile!  I love that we are finding new ways to use these inexpensive jars in fun new ways.  Today, I’d love to share 10 Mason Jar Crafts from this little blog that have been posted over the past two years…I just thought putting them all in one spot would make it easier go view them all! Here are 10 Mason Jar Crafts…I’ll be adding more as they are posted!

Simply click on the link or photo to view each project, and don’t forget to pin your favorites to your Pinterest account!

Stenciled Mason Jar Votive HolderStenciled Mason Jar Votive Holder


Frosted Mason Jar Vase with Polka Dots


 Chalky Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jar Valentines

 Mason Jar Valentines


 Mason Jar Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar Shakers 

Stenciled-Mason-Jar-Tumblers-Mom-4-Real (1)

 Stenciled Mason Jar Tumblers

Mason Jar Vases - Painted on the Inside

 Mason Jar Vases – Painted on the Inside

Mason Jar Beach Terrarium

 Mason Jar Beach Terrarium (Contributed by Chelsea from Making Home Base)

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

 Mason Jar Sewing Kit 

Drop Cloth Curtains Hung With Mason Jar Lids

 Dropcloth Curtains Hung With Mason Jar Lids

So, what fun things have you done with mason jars?

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  1. laura says

    I have always used mason jars. My mom has also.when we were growing up my moms jars were off limits,so now it was hard at first to do snything else but can with these jars,but since I made my first dispenser, I’ve made a hand sanitizer dispenser with the half pint jar. Now I don’t feel so guilty using them other than to can! Thanks

  2. Lisa says

    Wow, such awesome, easy, and useful ideas. Thanks so much

  3. ann l lane says

    You can purchase mason jars with lids or separately at the Family Dollar or Dollar General Stores in Tennessee.

  4. says

    I would love to give a shout out to a great blog that I just finished browsing through, Marsha’s Spot.

    * Connect other free blogs: WordPress offers free blogs to users as

  5. Janie Bober says

    I would to paint the mason jars with the paint that glows in the dark. I saw it on Pinterest but it was taken off due to Spam and inappriate subject matter. Fyi I grew up in Wheeling WVa and spent many yrs in Cross Lanes and St. Albany’s WVq

    • says

      Oooh…the glow in the dark paint sounds fun…we will have to try it out! Wow…small world! I lived in S. Charleston and went to Cross Lanes quite a bit because my mom was a lobbyist for the racing commission! Jess

  6. kentuckylady717 says

    Love all these ideas…..keep them coming….

    Need to ask question tho…..does anyone know how to remove permanent marker writing from tupperware ? Just tried Goo-Gone, someone told me, but sorry it did not work…left it on all nite and did some rubbing too…..I have tried many things and have found nothing that works…..any ideas ?

    • says

      Try a magic eraser! You can find them in the cleaning section of most stores. They are made my Mr. Clean and will get just about any mark off of anything! Good luck! ~Jess

    • Susan says

      You could try a magic eraser. I use those to get markers, paint etc off all kinds of things.


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